redfern now

I came to Australia 6 months ago thanks to my school in France (ENS Louis Lumiere) to do an exchange in a film school in Sydney (AFTRS) and write my graduate paper about the identity of Australia through its TV Series.

I am now writing the first chapter, and it is all about the Aboriginal community of Australia, and specially its voice in the amazing Australian TV series Redfern Now. I recommend to every people that would be interested in that matter to watch the series as it is the first time that the members of this community has seized the media TV Drama to talk with their voices about their identity - a mix between the one from their Aboriginal ancestors and the one shared with the contemporary Anglo-Saxon society. 

Redfern Now, 2 seasons, produced by Blackfella Films (Dale & Dear), broadcasted by ABC since November 2012.

NB : Blackfella Films already produced a TV series before, but a documentary one called First Australians (screened on SBS) that I shall recommend as well.