how Turner can suddenly appear on your film roll

As a little break in the writing of my paper, I was going through the photographies that I took of New York in December 2010. My Minolta XE5 had a battery problem and my cousin nicely lent me his Canon A1 with a 50mm, f1.4 on it. At that time, it had been a year or two that I decided to learn photography the analogue way. So I went to New York with the A1 and also the beautiful Rolleiflex of my grandfather that my cousins and I share.

Learning photography with analogue can sometimes be the hard way since you cannot retake a photo having in mind the mistakes of the one before. You can obviously take 2 or 3 photos, and that is what I do sometimes, but analogue photography is not cheap, and I think it is taking risks too. 

In that matter, not knowing what is imprinted on the film can be a bad thing (leak in the camera, out of focus, too long shutter speed) and you wish you could have more control on it like with digital, but, once in a while, something happens, completely out of your control, and what you get from that luck, can keep you in analogue for a very long time afterward. I took that photo in December 2010. I think it happened again 2 months ago, on the set of the TV series Gallipoli. Nothing in between. But I'll probably keep taking analogue pictures for the next 4 years at least.