harry callahan

In prep for my next film as a cinematographer, I was searching for references and remembered Harry Callahan that I discovered, by luck, in Paris, a few years ago, in the tiny and cute gallery Fondation Henri Cartier-BressonI was with my sister, and I wanted to show her the beautiful, romantic, artistic Paris. We got into this little gallery when we saw that they were having a B&W photography exhibition.

When I got into the first room, I completely fell in love with the artist, the softness and peacefulness that emanated from his photographies. I was also amazed by the multiplicity of his work, from portraits of his wife and child, to uncluttered stills of power cords in the sky, through double exposure, close-up portraits of random people in the street and beautiful stills of landscape and nature.

Since then, Harry Callahan has always been one of my favourite artist and I can't wait to bump into his work again, at a corner of a street, maybe here, in Australia?

Harry Callahan (1912-1999) was an American photographer. All his work is maintained at The Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona.